My sister and her two kids are here visiting for the week and she brought down some bread from my brother who is a “Pepperidge Farm Breadman” …We got a large supply of bread for Christmas and now we have more…lots of my favorite “soft oatmeal” which …this time (apparently) is “fresh”! I just have one question? What am I going to do with fresh bread…my kids won’t know what to do with it! (And why didn’t I deserve fresh bread for Christmas?…okay that is two questions)…

So, shout out to my brother Steve. We will eat french toast all month!

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  1. Wow! Where have I been? Love, love, love the new blog look!


  2. Make french toast, bread pudding, or let the kids eat it with butter. My kids would each eat four or five pieces if I let them.


  3. You can actually freeze bread. My aunt taught me that. Then if there’s a bread crisis, thaw it out and you’re good to go!


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