Big News…

Well, I have been contemplating this for a long time but haven’t been able to decide what would be the best for me and (especially) the kids. But, I just decided that I needed to make a change and try something new. I hate how anxious and crabby I am when I get home at night and have them descend on me with yelling and hungry faces…

So, I have decided and have signed with an Au Pair agency. After 2 weeks of talking to prospective candidates, I have decided on a young lady who is from the Far East in Russia near Vladivostok. I am really excited about having someone who can help me with some of the jobs that I have been trying to do (with increasing trouble) with 4 kids. I also really am looking forward to exposing the kids to someone from Russia and to some of Russia’s heritage and culture.
She will be arriving in Richmond on October 3rd if all goes well. Now I just have to get her room together and the house (semi) clean!

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  1. How cool. BTW, would you share what line of work you are in?


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