So, some of you know that I have a good friend who sometimes spends time with the boys to give them some “male bonding time”. He acted as coach for their soccer team this spring while I was in Russia and with the summer, it has been hard for us to get together. Well, he came over yesterday to take the boys to the pool and brought his latest toy…

The boys completely forgot about the pool and wanted a ride in it. Since Matt had been waiting and playing patiently, he got to go first. Twenty minutes later, he came home…in awe.
Later Steve said, Matthew kept saying…”there’s no top (well that’s called a convertable)…this car is sooooo cool (thank you)…you are so cool!! (thank you very much!)…

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  1. too cute!! but dont you hate the fact that probably one day when they are older, they too are gonna love fast cars?? sigh…i will probably NEVER sleep then! lol


  2. Wow! Sounds like you guys are really enjoying the summer. Charlie, Marcie and Kyle would be in 7th heaven if they got to ride in a convertable (or car with no top as they call it). Debra


  3. love that! i can just see matthew’s eyes totally lit up over the wonder of that car!!


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