Good days…

We’ve had a few good days the last few, think the kids are finally getting tired from all of the swimming, etc. (and I guess the simple things make me happy)…

Matthew said this morning…”mmmm can I have waffles again tomorrow morning” (and when I said yes…) “goodie!”

Riley was up watching tv and eating potato chips when I came down with the other 3 this am. So, I’m like ready to blow up and trying to find the remote – which he must have used to turn on the TV and he’s like …”I don’t know where it is” and I’m like…”well, you must have used it” — he starts arguing and I say “go up and change out of that swimsuit you have worn 3 days in a row (and nothing else, mind you)” and he goes up and comes down with a new t-shirt on and I’m like “okay, I am not going to yell but you are now going to bed after supper because I told you to change your swimsuit” and he starts arguing but I say…”I’m not arguing” and he ACTUALLY goes upstairs and finds a new suit.

Logan and Addison wake up in my bed and are all smiles and the amount of “screeching” has been significantly decreased the last few days…even while waiting for the supper to be cooked. I am constantly amazed at Addison’s speech and Logan’s patience with Addison. She’s a great big sister.

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