Feeling better…

The kids all woke up today better rested and refreshed and there was not so much whining before breakfast. Riley only got into trouble once (and I was practicing my staying calm and he ultimately went upstairs to his room quietly and then called down that he was ready to talk to me).

The older boys were going to this big pool that is near our house as a field trip with the daycare/summer camp. All of the school aged kids are going. They were so excited that I told Matthew he didn’t need to go to summer school today and let him play hooky! (bad mommy)…Meanwhile Addison had a follow up of her eye botox therapy at the ophthalmologists and he seems to think things look pretty good so far! (yea)…

I still need a little more sleep to make up for my weekend but hopefully I’ll be able to do that tonight….Just have to keep the visitors down to one (or two)…

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