the things they say…

…the other night while I was laying with her before sleep…Logan says…”when are we going to visit Grampa?…he needs to meet Addison”
she is right. I’m trying to figure it out cuz we need to meet my brother Pat’s cute twins who were born in late December. So, Dad…I’m coming…probably the week before Labor Day (Tuesday or Wednesday) thru that weekend. Looks like that will be the time. Need to save up the money for the gas!

… Today Riley had some dental work …he had to have what they call “conscious sedation” where they get medication to make them really sleepy aand then they don’t care if you are drilling on their teeth. He did great. Then he came home and he slept for almost 3 hours. He was really cute when he was waking up and later this evening …he kept telling me that this was a great day (reminiscent of our day off last week). He also was soooo proud of his silver teeth and asked why he didn’t get all of his teeth capped! I told him I couldn’t afford that.

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  1. awww…come on!! i think riley would look AWESOME with a mouth full of bling–dont you?? too cute!!


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