Weekend Maddness

…The fourth of July weekend is over and we all survived (barely)…yesterday, I spent a bit of time doing some cooking for the week and trying to clean out the kitchen.
…so, the kids and I tackled the toys in the Family room. We reduced two train table drawers and 3 rolling buckets to…well, two train table drawers and 3 rolling buckets but each of the drawers had significantly less in them. Next year we’ll get rid of the trains, but for now, one drawer has all of the trains and tracks and the other has the “crash-em-up” car tracks and cars. The rolling buckets now have not a single McD’s toy nor broken toys nor anything that I hate! I even found enough to put a couple of posts up on Craigs’ List to sell some of the ones we have outgrown. If no one buys them, they are in the garage to go to goodwill.

…after lunch we went to see WALL*E – the new Disney / Pixar animated movie about a garbage robot left on earth…Matthew has been wanting to see this since the last movie we went to had a trailer for it…As anything you do with 4 kids, it had it’s ups and downs. UP…I pre-bought the tickets on Fandango.com (DOWN…I had to pay $1 service charge per ticket)…UP…we didn’t wait in line and walked in (complete with popcorn and soda and candy)…right as the trailers were starting…UP…the now expected Disney/Pixar short film was extremely good (all of the kids were laughing…though Matthew asked a couple of times if this was WALL*E and when was WALL*E going to come in the movie)…DOWN…all of the kids had to go potty right in the middle of the show even though they had gone right before we left home…UP…Riley sat in his own row away from us cuz…well…cuz that’s how he is these days…DOWN…Riley got bored and started walking around our row…throwing out his trash…coming to give sleeping Addison a kiss…etc…UP…the movie was really cute and there were enough fast sequences that even Logan stayed awake…UP…I kept Addison up after lunch and in the car on the way so she was really tired and she fell asleep on my chest after gorging herself on popcorn and soda from my glass…DOWN…I had to wake Addison up to go to the potty with the other kids…UP…she fell right back asleep when we sat back down…UP…all the kids walked out talking about the movie and happy about the outing.
…we got home afterwards and the kids played outside while I cooked and we had a nice dinner and played in the backyard and then fell asleep. Now, I am ready (not) for another week at work.

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