Busy week and busier weekend…glad it is over…

…Friday night was the annual beginning of summer party at the daycare. This year the theme was “Renaissance” Fair and all of the workers were dressed up in midieval costumes. They had the following…though don’t know where they got this from as food choices…turkey drumsticks; pickle on a stick; kabobs of fruit and then some salads and barbecue chicken legs and various desserts and other things brought by the families. But the real fun at this party is the pool being open. I got there around 6:10 cuz I was home working on the benches after work and had to get into my bathing suit. We had a great time in the pool; the kids ate nearly nothing and by 8:00 we were all beat!
…Saturday I woke with a migraine and it looked like it would be a badddddd day. Ultimately, I was better by the evening and I even had a chance to work on the benches some and to try and paint several cabinet doors to choose which one I want to us. Then it was the annual Med-Peds party to welcome the new interns. This is the first year in about 15 that it hasn’t been at my house! What a relief! We got to go over and just relax. The yard was great and the kids had plenty to do so I could just sit and relax.
…Sunday, everyone actually slept in (or was quiet in Riley’s case) until around 8:00 am. We got to eat breakfast and watch a little TV, go outside for a while and then…it was lunchtime. Mommy slept during naps (which almost never happens) and then I took the kids to a local elementary school to play on the playground (and we took a little picnic snack) …by the time it was dinner, we stopped to do some Walgreens and CVS shopping and then went home to my home-made Mac & Cheese – which everyone loved!
…CVS…spent $3.50 out of pocket (plus $24 ECB’s from 2 weeks ago) and got…2 mascara’s, 1 professional strength right guard deodorant and a toy for Matthew and candy for the other 3…also got $12 ECB’s back
…Walgreen’s…spent $15 out of pocket (plus $5 in “register rewards”) and got…3 packages of 40 diapers, 2 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats, and 2 oral B power toothbrushes…and got $7 RR’s back.
…Today, Matthew started his summer school. Had a little trouble getting things together but he was on time for the bus. Addison only started to cry when I was leaving and was pretty distractable so looks like I might make it thru the summer.
…I’ll close with a couple of pictures of my girls from last week at the daycare. They love the pool!

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  1. Hi, Sue!

    I’m so sorry you felt so badly. I thought about you this weekend, but figured you were happily sanding. I hope you had someone to help you with the kids while you were feeling so rotten. I have migraines and can truly empathize. Debra


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