Tiring week…

…I’m sitting here in the hospital at 10:40 pm and you cannot imagine the bad memories this is bringing back…not only the constant people walking up to me asking me to do this or that but that coupled with boredom of waiting for the next shoe to drop and it getting closer and closer to the time I get to go home and knowing that if there is an admission this late I am going to be incredibly resentful.

…Why am I here? well, this is the annual Pediatric resident’s night off. so attendings stay in house and cover for them. I am the attending for the evening part (5-12 pm) and while I am only supposed to be covering for General Ped admissions and patients, I have now officially put in orders and done things for H/O, GI, and Pulmonary.

…I started back to work on Monday only to have Addison be kicked out of daycare with a fever. Luckily she was not too sick and was able to go back on Wednesday. But, that meant I had to take her to work with me on Tuesday and I didn’t get much but the bare minimum done. Then, Thursday, Logan gets booted for fever…okay, now I have to ask (thank you thank you thank you) my friend Beth to go pick her up cuz I am swamped with work and can’t get there in the hour window. Logan looks really punky and I start to get a little anxious…you know, I found that tick the day before. So, being the non-hypochondriac I am, I get her some medicine cuz, you know, I really can’t deal with her having Rocky Mountain Spotted fever or anything like that…Meanwhile she comes to work with me today and I have to pay this student who is working for me this summer $10 an hour extra to watch her while I am seeing patients…so much for frugal fanny!

…then, I have arranged for her to go to a neighbors house for the afternoon cuz the babysitter (who works at the kids daycare) doesn’t get off till 6 PM and I have to start my shift at 5 PM…and then pay the painter and go back to the hospital.

…what painter you ask? well, after my DIY escapade with the breakfast nook, the rest of my house was looking like Sh** so I was talking to one of the residents and her husband does painting. so, he has been at my house all week painting the kitchen/family room, the hall/stairs/and foyer area (you know that two story foyer area I have with the vaulted 16 foot ceilings on the second floor!)…yup you guessed it – I won’t be doing those. Then, he noticed the water damage in my dining room and said…you have to fix that…so he did that today. He also “has a guy” who does hardwood floor repair and he’s going to fix me up with that when he comes back to town in 5 weeks and also has a guy with carpet who will do the upstairs (again when he comes back in town in 5 weeks)…

…it looks amazingly good but I will be glad for the 5 weeks to get everything re-organized.

…oh yeah and I bought a new dishwasher and it was delivered yesterday and I was so excited not to have the sound of a train going thru my kitchen that I ran it half full yesterday. It is amazingly quiet.

…so, now all I need to do is paint the kitchen cabinets, get a new stove and microwave and get a new countertop and I’ll have a completely re-modeled downstairs.

…anyone have some extra money lying around?

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