Okay, there are several things that are annoying me today and over the past several weeks. I usually don’t vent much in this blog but I just have to share an email I got this morning…

“…With all of the confusion of the last day of school I forgot to send home report cards. I will leave the report cards at the front office for you to pick up at your convenience. Hope everyone has a great summer! Sorry for the inconvenience,Mrs. G”

…so, WTF!!! what else do you have to do on the last day (half-day actually) of school except to give out the report cards and have a party?! And…at my convenience I can just …take all 4 kids, go to the school, take them all out of their car seats, walk into the office – oh by the way – what are the office hours during the summer?!?- get the report card which isn’t going to really tell me anything knowing what she has written on the previous ones – and then trudge all 4 kids back to the car, hear the bickering, get them buckled in, and drive away…Sorry for the inconvenience – ha!

There is no love lost between me and this woman who, for some reason, haven’t clicked since I met her last year at this time. I find her opinionated and inflexible (as, I’m sure, she finds me)…but, the last straw for me was when she argued with me at an IEP meeting that the 1 teaspoon of chocolate syrup my son was taking his medicine with was making him hyperactive.

So, we’ve had this almost passive aggressive relationship the last 9 weeks and then I get this email (at least it wasn’t only my son who didn’t get his report card)…I’m thinking…how lame can you be. This is the special ed teacher too so she only has 11 kids in her class. And what is the worst thing? Well, this special ed class is K-2 so I have 2 more years of her! UGH!!!

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  1. Wow. Did you complain to the principal?? The school board?? How unprofessional of the teacher. How does she still have a job???????

    (a teacher who would never “forget” to give out report cards!!!!!!!)


  2. I agree with Laura! You have the email as evidence. Good grief! Debra


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