It’s not the heat…

…it’s the humidity! Isn’t that the old saying? well, it is definitely BOTH here in the mid-Atlantic this weekend. We had a wonderful, cool, relatively non-humid spring month of May but, this week has gotten progressively hotter. Today the forcast is for temps of 99 with heat index of 107 and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter!

…so, what do you do with 4 kids under 7 when the recommendations are to stay inside because it is too DAM* hot?? It is a nightmare! Of course, it didn’t start well…

…Riley woke at 6 am as usual…so, he went downstairs…Logan was content to sleep next to me until she heard him ask if he could have a popsicle (and me saying yes if he ate it over the table)…so, then I stay in bed till around 7 with various visitors (including a bob on the nose from a toy being thrown at me by my newest- I guess she wanted me to get up!)

…downstairs, meanwhile, the “boy who can’t just eat one”…had found the brownies he and I had made last night and wasn’t content to just make a mess downstairs and have the popsicle that I had told him he could have, but he had to (with Logan’s help because she can’t say no to sweets either) eat S*I*X (yes, you read it right!) brownies – leaving one (so I couldn’t say they ate them all!)…I thought there was something funny when I saw empty baggies on the ground and didn’t realize till I was making breakfast that the brownies were gone!

…so, needless to say, there is some tension in the house this morning. The two of them are banned from snacks all day. It will be a very tense day when the snack kids are kept from snacks all day.

…cabin fever is mostly described in cold weather but I bet it can happen in the heat too!

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