Random monday musings…

…so, we are all sitting here waiting for the kids dentist appointment (need to leave in a few minutes) and the two boys decide to go outside. They ask if they can take Addison so I say okay…a few minutes later Logan goes outside and Riley opens the door for her (so I can stay sitting and working on my computer)…he shuts the door and then re-opens it with a big smile on his face and says to me…”mom, you get your own time!”…sometimes you want to kiss them…even a 5 year old can get that you need some time on your own (and I guess – for him – it is okay as long as it isn’t my own time in my own bed!)

…what is your personality? a do it and get it over with kind of person? or a take your time and do it in small pieces so it doesn’t hurt as much all at once? I’m sure you can guess what kind I am? not sure…okay…I am a single working woman with 4 kids under the age of 7…mmm…when I was an intern and resident, I always did the hardest rotations at the beginning of the year because I figured I could do anything for a month at a time…and today I am waiting to go to a dentist appointment…where all 3 kids are going to be seen. Yup, I am scheduled to take 3 kids aged 6, 6 3/4 and 3 to the dentist while carrying a newly adopted 2 year old with us. Crazy you say? yup. But, why not get the pain over all at once…I guess the only downside is how much pain we will cause the rest of the people at the office and the staff…oh well? its all about me…what about you?

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  1. i havent even FIGURED out my personality yet, apparently. sometimes im in it for the pain all at once, sometimes, i gotta stretch it out since its less painful to break them up…they are completely different alone. kids..that doesnt COMPARE to residency sue!!! think?


  2. Do it all at once! That’s me, too! Gotta laugh at that one! Debra


  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I’ve missed checking yours but when I changed my blog template I lost your blog address. Anyways, congrats on your new daughter!


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