Save me…someone…anyone!

So…Addison allowed me to get thru 1/2 of my meetings yesterday. Then, at the 3rd one, she she wouldn’t eat anything…mmm unusual…then she fell asleep…okay it is close to lunchtime…we walk from that one to the next and she wakes and is sitting in her stroller and (again) refuses food…mmm…then she starts vomiting and is so surprised by it she starts crying. So after a few vomits, I leave that meeting and head home with one of my assistants paging the people who I was having meetings with in the afternoon…we get to the car and she has another episode of vomiting…(one of my favorite things in the carseat!)…after about 10 minutes she seems better enuf to get home and she falls back asleep…we get home and her temp is 102 so she gets some tylenol but she is happy and laughing and playful so I let her stay up for 1/2 hour and then (once the cleaning lady finishes her room) we go in there and I get her to fall back asleep…she woke up still with a fever but clearly feeling better but i kept her to crackers and yogurt…she went to bed feeling better and woke up this morning happy and playful…

…only problem, she has this rash on her legs which has spread to parts of her arms and she has been a *P*I*L*L since waking up from her nap. She had gotten up during her nap and taken her diaper off and woke up wet…she was screaming about that…then she was hot and I gave her some tylenol…but then she was screaming cuz i (obviously) gave her the wrong kind of juice (*$#!)…and then she was screaming cuz she wants to go outside and it started thundering and lightning a while ago…I won’t even talk about the behavior of all 3 of the other kids during the morning when I was screaming at one or the other and then the behavior of all 4 during the soccer game when the two boys were alternating trying to bounce the ball from Addison and she was trying to run into the street and Logan was hanging all over me in 89 degree 100% humidity and wouldn’t get off – and ended up hitting me and yelling at me so that she went to bed with out lunch!
…Now I can’t even let them go play (kick them) outside to get some space cuz of the lightning. UGH! So this is one of those days that make me feel like “what the heck was I thinking – 4kids!!
…Tomorrow has got to be a better day.

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