Ups and downs of life…

…so this morning I go to work because I have some meetings to do and I have grouped them all so that I am only working one day a week during my leave…

…we remember pretty much everything including the popsicles for Riley’s class for field day, field day shirts and sneakers for the two older boys, new pair of glasses for Matthew (who broke his other pair yesterday for the 5th time in 3 months!), breakfast for mom, snacks and lunch for Addison (who is coming to work with me and I’m hoping for the 3 hour nap this afternoon like she did the other two times), leaving out the check for the cleaning lady and putting the last load of dirty clothes in the washer and loading the dishwasher before we leave.

…get to work and I check my Checking acct on – line to make sure I have been paid cuz I have several bills that are due on the weekday before the first and I don’t want them to “bounce”. And surprise of surprise…I am doing the happy dance…cuz either I got a big raise that I wasn’t expecting (fat chance) or I got my $5000 non-taxed, Adoption reimbursement from work!!!
My work place started this adoption reimbursement about 3 years ago …I looked into it with Logan’s adoption but at the time it was $1500 and you had to have completed the adoption. By the time I completed the adoption of Logan it was the end of the year and I was going to get the federal tax adoption credit anyway (and the business one comes off of that!)…so I just did my taxes instead of filling out the paperwork. So, with Addison, I was thinking, okay it is only May and I could really use that $1500 before next year so I decided to print off the paper work and …lo and behold, the benefit was increased to $5000/child. I completed the paperwork and dropped it off at Human Resources on Tuesday May 6th…on my list of things to do at work today was to call them and see if they needed anything else to process it…I never in my wildest dreams expected it to be in my paycheck today! But it was!!!!! So, Kudos to the people in Human Resources and to Mary Alice O’Donnell (who sometimes reads this blog)- for telling me about the benefit 3 years ago! and THANKS!

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