My younger son, Riley, developed a crush on the daughter of the woman who stayed with the kids while I was in Russia. He alternates between giving me messages to bring to her mother in the morning (including cards he has been making that say “I Love you Denec” (can you tell that they are learning to write words phonetically) to acting TOTALLY shy if she tries to talk to him. Tonight I had to give a lecture and so Michelle was babysitting. Riley has been talking about this daily, for the 2 weeks since I scheduled it.

…at 5:30pm, Denise and Michelle walk in with Matthew and Logan in tow. However, Riley won’t get out of the car. Apparently when Denise went to pick him up in his classroom, he hid under the table and wouldn’t come out. After all of the teachers tried to coax him out, one of the boys (cuz the girls couldn’t lift all 60# of him)…carried him to the stairs. Then finally was coaxed to Michelle’s car and stayed there with his arms over his head the entire ride home.

…I had to go to the car and carry him crying into the house and he went to my room and fell asleep until 8 pm …I guess he finally did interact with her later in the night but…

God, I don’t know what to do with the terminal shyness. What am I gonna do when he is 14? I can’t imagine the drama we will go thru!

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  1. and unless i missed something, this “shyness” seems to be limited to girls only…he never seems to be shy so much at OTHER times. have a good time with the dating scene..cant WAIT to see you, matt, logan and addison in the car behind him….


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