…we’ve had beautiful weather and a great weekend. Friday my sister Jean and 5 of her 6 kids arrived from Long Island NY. Her oldest is 17 and youngest is 3 months. All of my kids were fascinated with the baby and spent time giving her gentle touches and love.

…Saturday we spent the morning running errands. I was able to rent a truck from Lowes and pick up my new gas grill and bring it home. Then, Jean and I struggled like the girls we are to get it off the truck…oh yeah…and trying to figure out how to unclasp the packing straps I had bought so we could loosen it…finally one of my neighbors who has two 20 year old twins came over and said…um my sons are home from college, they could help if you need it (like we didn’t need it)…so they came over and brought it around the back. (I paid them $10 each!)

…then Jean and I went to Chester to meet up with someone who was selling used church pews on Craigs’ List. I am going to try and make bench seating for my [newly painted!] breakfast nook (I will confess that I got this idea from my sister Jean who did this over 10 years ago for her kitchen and I have always loved it!).

…we ended up getting one LOOOOOONNNNNGGG church pew that is 22 feet in length (separated into two pieces). They really were in great shape and he has lots more so if anyone is looking for something…solid oak and with few scratches….
…anyway we got those home pretty easily and unstrapped (we are now experts at the strapping release!) and grabbed the boys to come over again to help get them out of the truck. had to leave them outside overnight cuz my garage wasn’t empty enought to fit it in. Now, I have to get the nerve to make that first cut!!!
…after that we (all 2 adults and 9 children of us) went out to Cheese burger Cheese burger. Can you believe it, they didn’t have a table that could accomodate all of us. We had to separate! – the nerve!
…then we went to the mall where I took the younger ones to the play areas and Jean and the older girls went shopping.
…we had a pretty lazy day today and went out to lunch with Wendy and her parents and then met a couple of her neighbors at the Richmond Braves game. I hadn’t been to a Braves game for about 12 years. I remember going one or two of my first years in Richmond…”Chipper Jones” played for the R braves (now he’s a big deal on the Atlanta Braves)
…It was fun – Matthew especially liked the music and interactive play…he was obsessed by the Diamond Duck (the R braves mascot) though called him Donald Duck and wanted to know why he looked different the first 3 innings before I finally convinced him he wasn’t Donald Duck. Riley was pretty happy about the access to food and soda and wore his baseball cap that we bought pretty proudly – though I am worried if his head gets too much bigger he will have to special order his hats!
…I am always sad to see Jean leave. She is such a good mom and I learn so much from her about patience and equanimity when we are together. Tomorrow will be a quiet day at our house …

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  1. that is SOO funny you got a church pew! i have been looking for a long time, but want a bit darker. that will look good in your bf nook! hope yest was nice!


  2. Sounds like a great weekend! You’ve got a few projects to keep you busy….not to mention your 2 full-time jobs! 🙂

    I hope Addison enjoyed all the fun with her new cousins. My kids have been asking about you guys. I hope we can get together sometime in the next few weeks. Debra


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