So, I had this great idea to paint my breakfast nook last week while I am on “maternity” leave. I’ve been thinking about re-painting my downstairs which hasn’t been painted since the house was built (1993 I think)…anyway…yes, it needed it…especially after 5 years of kids eating there! …so, I had it in my mind to use a terracotta color with white trim but got really anxious before I bought the paint that it might be too dark. …but, I found the color I wanted and brought the paint and supplies home on Friday.

…plan was to empty the room Sunday night, get the taping off done and do the edging and 1st coat while Addison was napping on Monday and the next coat on Tuesday…Turns out I bought this “signature” paint at LOWES ($29 / gallon) and let me tell you – it ROCKS…it nearly covered in one coat…this really dark color on the white, never been painted since the house was built 15 years ago…un-freaking-believable. So, I got to do some edging while Addison was swinging in Matthew’s old “therapy” indoor swing and I got ALL of the wall color done in one day.

…so today I did the window trim and then the baseboards while she was napping and it looks AWESOME…even if I do say so myself…

…Unfortunately, now my kitchen needs to be redone! – UGH!!

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  1. Oh yeah, that looks AWESOME. I am inspired… need to buy some paint for my own house!! I love it!!!


  2. Boy, you have more energy than I do!!! Beautiful! Debra


  3. Looks great. What is the name of the color? I may just use that in my gameroom.


  4. It is from Lowes and the Laura Ashley Signature Line called “Tile”…isn’t it beautiful.


  5. Thanks. I do love the color you chose and Laura Ashley paint. My daughter’s nursery was one of her shades of apple.


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