The honeymoon is over…

…the gloves are off…the sh** has hit the fan…today we saw some of the real Addison. I was wondering when it would happen, I couldn’t be that lucky.

…in the grand scheme of things, a few tantrums aren’t the end of the world. It is almost comical when she tantrums cuz she is so cute doing it.

…so, this morning she was having none of me looking at the computer, she kept climbing on me and wouldn’t play with any of her toys. Finally, around 10 am we went to the back yard and I put her in the swing. she looked like she was terrified and had these occasional little grimaces/smiles but when i asked if she wanted to get out she clearly shook her head and said…”no,no”…so I let her swing for almost an hour…I took her out and she went ballistic…tried to climb back in and so I put her back in. At 11:30 I took her out and carried her into the house…kicking and screaming…once we got in, she gave me the dirtiest look and laid on the floor and then moved over to the fireplace and looked at me as she banged on the metal screen…

…the next tantrum was over her clothes…after nap, she decided that she wanted to be naked…at first I thought she wanted to go potty…(I was told she was potty trained, but she always had a diaper on when I visited her and up till a couple of days ago did not show any signs that she knew when she was wet or dirty)…so I put her on it and she laughed and sat for a while but then wanted to get up…then she wanted her diaper off…so I let her be naked for about an hour…she was happy but we got another tantrum when i put her clothes back on…

…the next tantrum was when she tried to take a toy phone from Logan…I told her she couldn’t have it cuz Logan was using it…well, she threw herself onto the floor, looking at me…and moved over to the fireplace screen and banged on it…then found a toy on the floor and threw it…meanwhile Riley was like…”Mom, let her have it…don’t make her cry” and then he started crying and got down on the floor to try and play with her…and then Logan walked over to her and Riley and handed her the phone…okay the sharing lesson will have to come another day…

…on the other hand, she is the most cuddly and cute kid in the world. All of this is part and parcel of her learning to be a part of a family and it was due to happen at sometime. I can’t wait to see how she progresses.

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  1. well, only more evidence that she is a “normal” 2 year old, huh? lol…party on sista!


  2. She is a spunky little thing! I’m glad she’s showing this side of herself — her coping skills are developing! 🙂


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