Mother’s Day…

…Well, what a mother’s day it’s been so far! I woke up with only one in my bed…Riley came in around 6:00 and asked if he could finish the project he is making for one of the babysitters from my trip…did I tell you about the crush he has on the babysitters teenage daughter?! He is so funny cuz all week he has been asking me to have her mother ask her to come to his room at the daycare so he could see her. Friday, she went to see him (out on the playground) and he ran away from her…she was helping with fundraising at the door and when we were leaving, he ran to the car and then…as we were leaving, he YELLED across the parking lot, “goodbye Denise“!…anyway, I digress…so, that left me in my bed alone and I fell back asleep and around 7:00 Logan came into my room and I sent her downstairs; about 15 minutes after a doze, I heard Matthew downstairs too and Logan called me to say that Addison was awake and downstairs too…so, since there were no blood curdling screams coming from downstairs and because I could hear each of them playing nicely, I stayed in bed…UNTIL 8:15 am!!! Happy Mother’s day!
…okay, the morning was spent, playing, cleaning up the downstairs clutter, and reading the newspaper…not too bad…then, feed lunch and as I am getting ready to clean the dishes, Logan comes up to me and says…”what’s that noise in the bathroom?”…”what noise?”…go and she points to the ceiling and “scratch, scratch, scratch” – uh oh! something is stuck in the fan duct of the 1/2 bath in the hallway!!!EEK! I think it is a bird, or a mouse…can’t really tell but it doesn’t like that it is stuck…(and this mama AINT takin’ that grill down to let it out on my head!)…all of the kids are running back and forth into the bathroom to hear it and yelling at me to get it out (like that is going to happen?!)…Okay, I shut the door and say we’ll get Wendy to help me get it out when she comes over later….hoping against hope that it figures out how to get out of there and back where it came from!

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  1. NOT NICE!!! the suspense!!! hope your mother’s day was great–def sounds like it was!! (((HUGS)))


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