Quiet day…

…we’re having a quiet day at home today(finally). The boys’ soccer game was cancelled cuz the fields are so wet (and were cancelled at 7:00 am so we didn’t have to “agonize over whether or not we would go)…
…meanwhile we all got up late (okay, late in our house means 7:30 but, even that was miraculous)…the older kids stayed up till almost 11 watching “The Water Horse” and Addison also was up late. After lunch and shopping with Gwen yesterday we didn’t get napping till almost 2:30 and so by the time she woke up it was 5:00 pm so I let her stay awake for a while…meanwhile it was a good time to bond with the brothers and sisters…
…breakfast was cereal (with minimal complaints about where the donuts were!)…and we were done by 8:00. Then, mom cleaned up the kitchen which was like a bomb had gone off this week. I just couldn’t get it together since being home and trying to manage the food for the 4 kids and trying to figure out what the new one would eat that wasn’t infant cereal!…Also spent some time bonding on the floor…
…then, the next time I looked it was 11:30 so time to get lunch on the table. I made pasta with butter and salt (and chicken nuggets) for the kids. I put about a 1/2 cup on Addison’s plate and before I could get back to the table with forks – well, it was gone! She ate about 4 servings, always asking for more – still hasn’t figured out that truly American delicacy – chicken nuggets but I assume she will get it sometime…
…then, nap time and mommy doing some freezer cooking…I had seen this recipe for chicken enchilada casserole made in a 12 x 9 pan and I had bought the ingredients (and taken out the chicken from the freezer) 3 days ago planning to make it each of the nights for dinner but never quite getting it together. so, now 2 batches are made with one in the freezer…it smelled so good and I hope the kids will at least “try” it…
…Riley went upstairs to do some “homework” about 1/2 hour ago and I suspect he is asleep in his room. We need to go to the store to buy some vegetables for our Mother’s day Lunch with Wendy and Pat tomorrow so I hope he wakes soon. Addison just got up and she and Logan are playing our toy piano in time with the Wiggles DVD and it’s days like this that…well, I truly believe that I wasn’t crazy for going for #4!

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  1. ok..no more of this sappy stuff!! no–only kidding–that is just a great scene you painted!! wish you could just have a webcam on!! oh, and can you PULEASE do some freezer cooking for me???


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