Can I say that I am just not ready to be a head coach?!!! So, I was gone for the first 3 (though one was rained out) games and had to get a replacement coach. But then, last Saturday (1 and 1/2 days post arrival from Russia) I had to act as head coach cuz the boys coach was also out of the country for the last two weeks. What kind of stress was that…luckily, one of the dads who had helped out one of the previous weeks offered to help and good thing too cuz Addison was having NONE of me going out onto the field and leaving her on the sidelines…so I sat on the sidelines and made the substitutions…so, today was the re- re- re scheduled rain out game. and what was going on this morning…pouring rain…and since I was going to (ugh) work this afternoon (bringing my new daughter with me) I was glad that I didn’t have to rush and get back to pick them up, get the boys dressed, get snacks and other supplies into the car and then get to the game…but wouldn’t you know it, it stopped raining and (of course) the game was on…so…I leave Stony Point at 4:50pm and rush to the daycare where the boys are wanting to play on the playground and finally I get them closer to the door and then gather up Logan and she gets to the door and then starts the whining…”I waaaannt to go getttttt my backpack” …I’m like (in my mother of the year voice)…you better keep going or my head is going to explode…then rush back home where the boys CAN’T find their soccer shirt…and want to play with their DS’s and finally getting the cleats on and the soccer socks…and prepare bags of grapes and then scoop poor Addison up again and deposit her into the car seat once again and drive to the field.
Get out onto the field and we have only 2 balls and 5 boys…and Riley decides he is going to practice his “kick/slide” technique everytime he has the ball and knocks it way out of bounds …and I want to KILL him…so we finally start the game and they did pretty good except that Riley is trying to be a “professional” and spends half of his game time in a side split on the ground after kicking the ball from midfield toward the goal – of course, always missing completely wide. Matthew on the other hand played great. The only problem is that he can not stop himself from kicking the ball into the goal when it is near it – unfortunately, it happened to be the other teams goal twice…but, he redeemed himself at least 3 times by kicking the ball and following it the entire length of the field ahead of the competitors and scoring! He was excited about playing and asked to be put into the field…meanwhile, the girls are intermittently crying/whining and spilling gatorade on the ground…
…when it was finally over, we all went home and I followed everyone upstairs to the tub…Addison was sooooo cute, she was crying and climbing up the side she was so excited about getting in and she just kept laughing out loud and splashing and trying to stand up and sit down and sliding on the bottom of the tub…then downstairs for dinner…wholesome Spaghettio’s …Matthew, Logan and Addison split 2 cans…Addison was just shoveling it into her mouth and saying mmmmm; I’m not sure who liked it better Matthew or her…Matthew had 3 helpings and then ate Logan’s leftovers. (okay, I don’t usually get Spaghettio’s but I remembered that Matthew loved them when he wasn’t eating solid foods and they were on sale this week at Kroger for 4 for $3 so …spaghettio’s it is! Will have to go and get another 4 cans tomorrow while I am out.
…finally, I put them all to bed…(took about 20 minutes and everyone was asleep!).
and now I am going to bed myself…it will be a good night sleep.

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  1. What I’m wondering is — how did you manage to get it all done including baths AND dinner….and still have everyone in bed sleeping in time for you to post at 9:15PM?!!!! Amazing!!!! Debra


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