Opening up…

Wow, her personality is just opening up. Today we left early after dropping off Logan at the daycare. We arrived in my office around 8 and she puttered around me while I tried to catch up on some non-deniable mail that had come in during the last 3 weeks. She started to get bored just as my assistant arrived and proceed to charm her…
…next stop, the clinic where she was a little shy but ended up charming everyone. We got all of her blood work drawn and weighed and measured her…

…guess what…that doctor in Russia was a good judge of weight even though I thought he was nuts at the time, her weight was 24 pounds 5 oz …all of her measurements put her on the growth chart (10% for height and head circumference) and 5% for weight…

…afterward, we went home and both of us caught about a 2 hour nap. Then we picked up the kids and drove back downtown where the Dean was having a going away party for my former Chair. I had been asked to say a few words about him so we went. The kids were great! the two older boys sat quietly playing their Nintendo DS games. Logan was a little up and down but overall, we made it thru a pretty adult occasion with no yelling and no crying.

…then, home after stopping at McDonald’s to pick up a quick dinner. How happy she was, running around the family room and laughing and playing and ultimately climbing up next to me and laughing at it. she even laughed when i held her upside down for Riley, Matthew and Logan to give her a kiss before bed time.

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  1. what a fun fun day..for me too!! she’s infectious, really sue!


  2. Oh, I wish I had known you were on campus this morning!!!
    Sounds like Miss Addison has already realized the joy of having a family of your own, and she’s enjoying it. You are truly blessed. Debra


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