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Sunday ended up being a better day than Saturday…we stayed home for most of the morning and then left around 11:30 to meet Wendy and her mom for lunch. Addison ate part of my baked sweet potato and 2 go-gurts I had brought with me…also – I think one piece of broccoli snuck in there as well! She took a little 10 minute nap in the car on the way.

We went to Costco after for some fruit and vegetables and some light bulbs and then Wendy came home with us and brought her ladder to replace the light bulbs at the 15′ peak of my ceiling-which i a too chicken to do- and because it was 80 degrees, took out our big blow up slide…all of the kids had a great afternoon and mom had some time to tidy up the area from the winter. However during this time, Addison refused to take a nap so…she was up with us…Around 4:30, she started to melt down so we went in and I fed her dinner and she was in bed by 5:00 pm and sound asleep…

This morning I was awakened by someone in the next room…kneeling in her toddler bed, holding on to the foot board and jumping up and down saying….ahuhahahuhauahuahauah with a happy grin on her face. [unfortunately, she also had poops all over the bottom 1/2 of her bed and her legs and her butt!!!]…but it wasn’t phasing her at all.

She has been in a great mood all day and I am feeling truly blessed. I was nervous about whether I would “get” another one who was so happy and good and if I was tempting the fates, but she is simply AMAZING. It may be because she is so much older and was already learning, but she seems to say and understand at least 10 new words a day. She definitely understands and knows her name now. She also has decide that she likes to give kisses and can say “kiss” and just now as I was trying to get her to nap, she was being frisky and didn’t want to go to sleep and so she sat up and pulled my head to her and said…”kiss” and started kissing me…[how could I be such a meanie and make her go to sleep after that…I know that was what she was thinking!- but I was!]

We also got a call at 10:00 this morning that they had an opening at the eye doctor’s office for 11:00 so we jumped up and left to get to the Stony Point office. She was an absolute DOLL in the office and charmed all of the receptionists/nurses/doctors. No crying (even though there were a few times she was a little anxious). Let the doctor look at her eyes and just was quiet as a mouse sitting in my lap. So, yes …she has infantile esotropia (there is also esotropia associated with far sightedness but this isn’t what she has) and the treatment is … alternate patching of the eyes until she can get either surgery or botox injections into the eye muscles. I went to this doctor cuz I know he does the botox injections and I wanted to try that…you just use laughing gas not anesthesia and he said that nearly 60% of kids only need one injection. While I was there, he called the office and asked them personally to make sure that she is done as a priority so I am hoping that we get scheduled within the next couple of weeks. I decided to wait until after nap before I put the patch on for the first time…[can’t wait to see how that works out!]

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  1. True infantile esotropia is not as frequently diagnosed as other forms of esotropia…and depending upon the diagnosis, the treatment recommendations may change.

    It sounded like you had a wonderful experience with your doctor, but if you were considering a second opinion, I’d recommend going to for a list of docs who specialize in this area near you. I also have a blog on childrens’ vision issues (and othe topics of interest to me) at you might want to take a look at. Good luck with your lovely family!
    Dominick M. Maino, OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A
    Professor of Pediatric Optometry, Illinois College of Optometry/Illinois Eye Insitute


  2. hey sue! sooo glad things are going sooo smoothly (praying for no poop!)


  3. So, what happened on Saturday!!!

    She is a testament to how positive the time spent before adoption is with a child. She had some time to get used to you before leaving her familiar turf. Then, when she’s left all she knows, she is essentially forced to cope … and it appears she has coped beautifully! It took Joanna months to say the number of words that Addison says. You are truly blessed. Debra


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