She’s a Lavoie…

…well, after having her turn up her nose to everything other than baby food and banana’s the last couple of days (I’m not getting too worried…um- NOT!) we had a breakthrough of the family variety today…
…sit down to breakfast and what are we having (do you have to ask…)and she motions to the glazed donuts I have on the plate for the other kids so I say…what the heck and hand her 1/2 a donut…which she puts to her mouth…takes a bite and says…mmm and smiles! Proceeds to eat the whole thing and then points to the other 1/2 and (me) “what the heck!- at least it’s solid food!”…give it to her and within 2 minutes it is gone.

So, the breakthrough is donuts…who knew?!

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  1. Have you taken your family to Krispy Kreme for the HOT NOW doughnuts yet? I sense a Lavoie Family Tradition in the works… 🙂


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