Home sweet home…


…yup after 20 something hours in the plane and going thru immigration in Atlanta we hare home and settling in. Arrived last night home around 10 pm …all 3 of the kids were awake and ready. They absolutely swarmed Addison (and were pretty happy to see mom too!). She took it like a trooper but was pretty overwhelmed and crying…they didn’t really understand why she wasn’t as happy as they were about it all. We all (in my bed) finally fell asleep close to 11:00. Of course, with 4 sweating and snoring kids, I got very little sleep!

…so some key comments…(Matthew)”is she going to stay with us forever?” and “I missed you mommy” and “now we have two sisters” (Logan) “I don’t want to go to Tuckaway!!!!”[when she realized that Addison and mommy were staying home today], and “can I hold her when I get home from Tuckaway” and “IIIII WANNNNT MY BUNNNNNYYYY” [when it was the only thing that had gotten Addison to smile since walking in the door and she hasn’t played with that bunny for 2 years!] and finally (Riley) [who was chattering a mile a minute the entire night until he laid down and fell asleep within 20 seconds] “Addison, Addison, Addison, you’re so cute, commere little girl, can I hold her, why can’t I hold her, why doesn’t she love me, I want to play with her, I just want to hug her, her girl, Nice girl…look, she smiled at me…look I fed her a cheerio…can we take her to my class to meet Mrs. McNeice…”[well, you get the picture]…

…take care, I will post later in the weekend.

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  1. holy holy smokes…that was simply the best post!! congratulations..your dreams have come true!!


  2. Congratulations Suzanne! I’m sure you are glad you’re finally home and do not have to read the cyrillic newspaper. Welcome to Addison – can’t wait to meet her (I’ll remember the bananas!). Pat.


  3. Welcome home and congratulations, Sue and Addison! We can’t wait to see you all! Love,


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