Zero…and other odd and interesting tidbits

…yup, we’re coming home. Had our embassy appointment and were done by 3:30 pm and have hung out at the apartment eating…the obsession with banana’s is getting crazy. But, she did eat lunch today really well and then had a banana when we got home from the embassy. Then, she just kept climbing up into the seat at the kitchen table and saying “yum” and “nana”…I tried to distract her with biscuit cookies but – nothing doing. Unfortunately, I only have 3 left and wanted to leave some for the airplane. So, by 5:00, I had had enough and I got her dinner ready. She ate baby cereal with banana’s in it really well …when she had like 3 bites left, she started shaking her head so I said…okay…and washed her up and got her down…well, she gets this hurt look on her face and walks back to the table and stares at the bowl and so I fed her standing up…then I took a yogurt out for myself and ate it until the stares were too hard to bear and gave her about 1/4 of it. Then, I went to the “living room” area and she grabs this pastry that I was going to eat (it is like a croissant with an apple inside) …off of the counter and brings it into the living room where I am frantically trying to zipper all of our stuff into the two suitcases I have combined the original 3 … and she has ripped into the croissant part. …okay, back to the kitchen and I pull off some of the croissant…nothing doing…she knew there was something inside…so I take the apple out and cut it up…she has this mile wide smile…puts one piece in her mouth and spits it out!!! So, I pick it up and wash her face and put her down. Well, she is crying as I am throwing it out. Then points to the counter and says…”nanna” …Cookie? noooooo Looks at this other bowl of almond cookies (which she loves)…nooooo.

…found out that what I saw last night was the preparations for the big parade they have on May 9th to celebrate the end of WWII. (I know you thought I was just making it up!)

Victory Day marks the end of World War II in Europe, specifically the capitulation of Nazi forces to the Allies (the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, France, the United States and other principal Allied nations) on May 8, 1945. It is celebrated in the successor states to the Soviet Union on May 9, because when the German Instrument of Surrender actually entered into force (May 8, 1945 at 23:01 CET), it was already May 9 in the USSR and Eastern Europe.

…and finally, the embassy appointment. The other couple with my agency (different region) was coming in at the last minute too because when they arrived in Moscow 10 days ago to go to the region for their court case, they found out that their child was hospitalized and in isolation because of chicken pox. So, they go to the region and cannot visit the child because he is in isolation…and to make matters worse, they go to court and the 10 days are waived…but they end up staying for 7 days longer cuz that is how long it takes for him to get out of isolation! Talk about bad luck…Turns out there are 3 other kids who are to be adopted from the same orphanage and who are in the hospital…one is still there cuz supposedly has pneumonia and so cannot be released…UGH!

…so, what do you do if you admit a child to the hospital in Russia who has chicken pox…you put GREEN dye on each of the pox sites (I guess to make it easier to count them and see when you stopped making new ones)…Both of these kids have green dots all over their faces/scalps/bodies – I’ve never seen anything like it.

…and finally, Addison was the “hit” of the embassy. She was in a funk (her usual response to any change in routine…cry…then evil eye for 5-10 minutes…)… and we had gone up to the window and raised our right hands and swore we were telling the truth and had gone back to sit down and wait for them to give us the all important immigration packet that makes them a citizen when we get to the US and to give back her Russian Passport with visa in it …anyway, she starts getting anxious and so I reach into my pocketbook and take out my glasses case. It is one of those ones that has a hinge and self closes with a bang!…So, I take it out and hand it to her and she tries for a little while and then I open it for her and…bang it closes…she jumps a little and she gets a little smile on her face…then she hands it back to me to open and she does it again and this time she has one of her big wide mouth smiles and giggles…so she does it again and again and these times does this huge belly laugh with her wide grin…Ha! everyone was looking at her and laughing and all of those other parents wished that they were the great and omnipresent parent like me and knew what kind of toys to bring! Well they weren’t!

Well, won’t be able to post until after I get home so…cya.

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  1. Home — there’s no sweeter word, is there? Well, maybe “Mommy” is sweeter! đŸ™‚



  2. Don’t know if you’ll read this before you go, but have safe travels!!!



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