And we are in Moscow. Addison has been doing great. We picked her up at around 10 am yesterday and she came to the hotel with me. Her first instinct is to cry. Get in the car…cry – get out of the car…cry…walk into the hotel…cry- walk out of the hotel…cry…get in the stroller…cry…well, you get the picture. After a few seconds she calms down but has this hypervigilant look like she is expecting the worst. Last night in the hotel room, she started running up and down and pretending she would touch the on/off switch of the TV and then look at me and LAUGH. She has given me the body giggles a couple of times today too. And when she is tired…the thumb goes in the mouth and that is that.

Oh, and where did she learn to sleep directly on TOP of me…stomach to stomach with her head directly on my chest…and won’t let me put her to my side …I don’t think she got a lot of that in the orphanage, but she loves it. of course, mommy isn’t too comfortable sleeping on her back…a side type of gal so …well, we’ll let her do that for a while…she’s missed a lot of momma cuddles!

She has “re-learned” to drink from a bottle. All afternoon yesterday she would chew on the nipple and every once in a while would get a drink and get this huge smile on her face. Today in the plane to Moscow, she re-figured out how to suck and make the juice come out. It was so funny cuz she would let go of the suction and all the air would rush into the bottle. One time I said…”aahhh” and now, that is her trick. Take a drink, let the air rush in and say “aahhh” and then cue the cute smile like she is so proud of herself.

The apartment in Moscow has hard wood floors and I had taken her shoes off when we came in. She figured out pretty quickly that if she had just socks on she would slide around…so what did she do…sat down and put her shoes on. I think she is going to be an engineer…likes to figure things out!

We just went for a walk on Arbat Street. She was pretty nervous about it but we got groceries and I think she got her first taste of chocolate pudding. Let’s just say that the smile was a mile wide!

There are several families who are in the same predicament as me…couldn’t pick up the child until (yesterday) or today and so were cutting it really close for the medical to be on a different day as the embassy interview. Anyway, the embassy is making an exception and they are allowing us to do everything on the same day. Tomorrow the doctor is coming to us! at 6:30 in the morning. So, it looks like I definitely am coming home on Thursday…can’t wait.

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  1. Yay! Best part of my week so far–reading these updates!!! I’m so excited to hear Addison is adjusting okay to being gone from the orphanage and on an adventure with Mommy! I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to meet her… and, in a few months, see what babysitting FOUR kids is like!! 🙂

    Miss you!!


  2. Hey, you are in the home stretch! I love reading your entries and can’t wait to hear all about the rest of your trip. Happy eating! 🙂 Debra


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