…well, first the daily news but stay tuned to an extra exciting post later.
We did well yesterday and she fell asleep pretty quickly sans benadryl. But was a little restless in the night and woke a couple of times and climbed back on top of me.
This morning I got up at 5:45 to be ready for the doctor who was coming to do the embassy exam. He was a very nice man who is a Pediatric Reconstructive Surgeon who trained in the US for microvascular surgery who does this as his “second” job…Can’t imagine a surgeon in the US doing that. He was great with her. But, it was a little crude, measuring her on the couch and picking her up like a sack of potatoes under her arms and pumping her up and down and saying…hmmm she is solid, I would say 23 or 24 pounds! Think I will not use that for her “official” weight!
Now we wait for Oleg to come and pick up the paperwork and find out what the schedule is for the rest of the day.
Addison is really good this morning. She ate a whole banana and then 1/2 a bowl of cereal with squash…then, she decided it wasn’t sweet enough and she had had it! A little stinker to say the least but we will work on that. I guess I wouldn’t want squash for breakfast either but I couldn’t find the applesauce.
Hopefully we will leave early in the am and I will be on the 20 hour trip home.

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