Last night…

So, our apartment is on Arbat street which is like “Times Square” in Moscow. Lots of bright lights and sounds and very busy traffic. The problem is that we face the west and the sun was blasting in yesterday and so I kept the windows open. Well, there were cars and yelling and other sounds…but at around 11 pm I heard what I thought was a train. Really loud and movement sounding and after it had been going on for about 10 minutes I went to the window to see if I could see the “train”…turns out it was a Military Convoy of Tanks and Antiaircraft missile carriers and big giant trucks and these huge…looked like intercontinental missiles (each one took up the entire semi tractor trailor) all camouflage painted with the entire street stopped for several blocks. Finally after about 20 of the missile carriers turned the corner down the street it stopped.

Then I went back to sleep only to be awoken by the “train” again and went to look. Had to be about 50 tanks and missile carriers (each). I tried to take a picture which is attached but I leaned out the window and we are 22 floors up! – but I think you can make out the tanks!

Of course, I slept poorly the rest of the night wondering if soviet rule was coming back or if there was some sort of “police” state being imposed. Or if I was going to hear missiles to Chechnya…but, I figured if Russia was under attack, there would be some sort of other sign…and besides, would all of the “times square lights” stay on during a military occupation? I don’t think so…they must have just been moving troop supports but I got to figure there are better routes than thru the main street of Moscow!

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