Sunday…the last night in the hotel alone…I can’t believe that I am finally saying that. Don’t want to make this post a bummer but…really…
…spent most of yesterday walking and trying to find a children’s store. Finally did find a stroller (on sale)…still more than I wanted to spend but what the heck. I am depressed and ready to leave and I might as well spend money…That always makes me feel better!! – for a little while!
…was annoyed yet again yesterday cuz when I got back to my room, CNN was not working. Now, there are two stations that have English – EURONEWS and CNN and one of them wasn’t working…at the very least for $175 per night you would think I could get CNN. Of course it may have been in/out the previous 2 weeks but I just didn’t notice cuz I was watching my “24” episodes. Problem is, I am down to the last 6 hours and I don’t want to finish it before today …figure tomorrow I’ll be busy with Addison in the room!
…got up late today and ate breakfast in the room. I bought these great almond cookies yesterday at the store and they were great with the coffee I bought. not that I was looking forward to the corn flakes that are all I’ve been able to eat off of the buffet the last few days.
…packed most of my stuff and pulled out the outfit to take Addison out in. Unfortunately, I was expecting it to be warmer by the time I took her out so I only have about 3 warm weather outfits and the rest are short sleeves. but, it will have to be good enough. Was able to put oneof the suitcases into the other and still pack everything (once I took all of the bribes- um…gifts out!). This will make things easier for the flight to Moscow and the flight home. I am hoping that now with 2 people, I will also not be overweight on the luggage (especially with the bribes…um…gifts out!).
…now, just waiting for the day to go by. I will probably try and take some pictures later but I am so depressed, I hardly want to go out of the hotel. It is dreary and overcast too so I hope it clears up some after noon.
…hold good thoughts.

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  1. Good thoughts coming your way!! The Cartoon Network was the only channel we got in English. It was not what I wanted to watch, but sometimes you just have to hear something in English!!

    I am so excited for all of you!! You will be home soon and then the real fun begins!! : )


  2. Maybe you are sleeping by now….I hope you were able to get out and take some pictures today. I think the kind of trip you are on is kind of like working the night shift. The last 2 hours before the new shift gets there are always the hardest. Praying for you…. Debra


  3. Sending lots of good thoughts your way!!! You’re rounding third base, almost to home plate now! So excited for you to actually bring Addison out of that place with you, as I’m sure you are, and then get home to your other three lovely little ones!


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