Today’s visit was definitely better than yesterday though still some tense moments as she decided that she didn’t want to be cooped up in the nurses office all morning while her friends went outside.

…took her only 30 seconds to give up the crying and motion to be put down next to the amazing banana carrier (my pocketbook)…and another 5 seconds to say “more”…so we had about 15 minutes to eat two HUGE banana’s and she went into the food dispensary for the cookie bowl!

…actually there were only a few times when she had enough of me. most of the time I could distract her and find some new toy to play with for a while. but, come 11:15, she was ready to leave. I think she smells the lunch being carried thru the hallway to the children’s area. After that, there is no containing, no playing, no tickling that will distract her from her appointed area!

…today she did turn around and wave bye-bye to me as she was being led away…this is an enormous improvement since one day she nearly fell off of the couch we were sitting on trying to get down without properly positioning herself.

…and now, I am officially alone until Monday morning at 9:30 …then we will find out if we can go to the court to get the paperwork or if we will need to wait until the end of the day. god, I don’t want to leave her there one more night.

…so what is on the plans for the weekend? Well, there are some buildings I want to photograph so I can have something for the kids to see about the city they are from. Also, they have these underground tunnels to cross the major streets and in one of them is this famous tile mural of WWII and Russian involvment. It is really intricate work and I hope to video tape it so that I have that for the boys. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to a “BORING” 2 1/2 days. It is raining today and supposed to tomorrow but supposed to warm up and be sunny on Sunday. I hope so cuz I am not going to be able to take too much of the hotel for that time. Also, I am a little worried about my electronics.

…last night while trying to go to sleep, I started to smell an electrical burning smell. I tracked it to my converter and plugs for the Russian power that I had plugged my lap top into. The converter is a little charred…LUCKILY, that was a new converter I bought before my 1st trip cuz I couldn’t find the one I had used 2 years ago. As I was packing for this trip, I happened upon the first one and almost didn’t put it into my luggage…but as luck would have it, I did.

…so hopefully this means I will continue to be able to play solitaire, spider solitare, and soduko on my computer for the next few days…not to mention…watch the rest of Season 4 of “24”.

…Paka, Paka (bye,bye)

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  1. How exciting! Only a couple of more days. Please share the pcitures you take of the buildings around you.


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