Hump day…midweek…almost the weekend. You guessed it, I have been waiting for this day. Officially I have fewer days here left than ones I have already spent here. Next week on Wednesday, I will (hopefully) be eating lunch and gettng prepared for my Embassy appointment to get Addison’s paperwork. Then it will be a calm and quiet day until thursday when we leave! Not that I am not enjoying it here, the weather has been nice and the quiet has been okay but…well, there is only so much quiet I can take! I never thought I had ADD but really, I have gotten so used to moving in 3 directions at once, that I can’t slow down. Besides, I miss my kids too much. I have actual…physical…heartache.

Addison was pretty good today. She cried when she saw me but after a few seconds of comforting, she remembered the prize that might be in my pocketbook…made a lunge for it and YES!!!! banana’s. Today I brought two and she ate both in record time. But she was so happy doing it and actually tried to share with me a couple of times.

She has learned how to say more…or at least it sounds like that. Maybe it is a Russian word for banana but I am using it as “more”. We had a pleasant visit though she hates to be separated from the other kids. We have been going outside and they make me keep her in this separate “pen” from the other kids. She tries to unlock it and stares at the other kids like I have her in jail!

Speaking of the playground, you should see it. they have a number of little covered area’s with brick paver pathways. In the middle of these are little areas which have a slide and teeter totter and swing. So, it is amazing to me that they keep about 20 kids in the covered area’s or on the pavers. Even the kids not locked into the covered areas know that they are not allowed into the areas with the play toys. Not sure what the deal is; it is a little muddy and I suspect they don’t want them to get dirty but…

Starting the countdown…8 more days till I am home.

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  1. I certainly do understand the heartache you feeling missing your kids at home. I am not sure there are many feelings that are worse than that. I am glad Addison is turning the corner. I’m sure it will be a lot different when you have her on your own 24/7. Gee, just think, a year from now, this will be a distant memory! Debra


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