Monday’s visit…

…went pretty well. I am used to the panicked crying as she rounds the corner to the nurses office where that “stranger” – um, me…is waiting. Then, there is the clinging for dear life with her head buried in my shoulder – so she doesn’t have to look at me apparently – for about 5 minutes – then being okay enough to sit down on the bench and pick up one or two of the toys – then, I broke out the FOOD!!!!

I had brought a bag of toddler cookies from home and we went through those the first 4 days so during my shopping trip, I bought some cookies that look like “tea biscuits” …anyway, I took those out – you know, about 3 inch rectangles and she tries to put the whole thing into her mouth at once. I had to fish it out (much to her chagrin) and break it into pieces and feed them individually to her. Yesterday I brought a banana…not just any banana mind you…the largest banana I have ever seen (probably about 8-9 inches long)…so I reach into my pocketbook…surreptitiously mind you cuz I don’t have permission to feed her and I get the feeling they would scold me for ruining her appetite – NOT with this kid!

Anyway, I open the banana and take a small piece out and feed it to her…this unleashes a FRENZY of activity as she tries to crawl through me to get to the pocket book. I cannot get pieces of banana out fast enough and she tries to shove them into her mouth as if she has never eaten! Within 30 seconds this banana is gone and she is crawling over me trying to find more in my pocketbook. So I open the cookies …she is happy with them, but still periodically looks in my pocketbook for the hidden banana.

So, for those of you who were afraid she didn’t know how to eat…well, you can stop being afraid. I think I will have the opposite problem with her. She is going to not know how to stop eating!

But…not being above bribery, you can guess where I went yesterday afternoon and what I bought to bring with me today!

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