Monday Musings…

Several things are bothering me and since I am cranky because my back hurts from the bed/mattress and I am hungry I will just address them informally.

First of all, what is it about cars? I have been amazed at the # and types of cars people drive around here. I don’t even want to talk about the uh-hem “aggressive” driving – that is fodder for a whole ‘nother blog entry. Across the street from the hotel is a Maserati store. Now, I ask you, how many Maserati cars do you think you need to sell in a year to have a huge store in a local city? One…two?…I don’t think there is a Maserati in Richmond…probably one in Northern VA. Mostly, you see Hyundai, Lada, Opel, Nissan…then there are the pretty common Toyota and every once in a while you will see a Ford or a Chevrolet. Today as I was walking to the grocery store, a Porche drove up and parked on the sidewalk as I was walking by…I guess if you own the only Porche in town you get to park on the sidewalk…nope, sorry, anyone can park on the sidewalk here…no parking place, just pull up on the sidewalk…we did it in the Lada last week at the bank!

Secondly…what are the signs of scurvy? I think that I have only eaten white foods (with an occasional yellow banana thrown in) for the past week. I am tempted to start eating the baby cereal I brought – at least it is vitamin supplemented. I now understand why the kids are so thin and malnourished. Of course, I am not adventurous about food and, though I have tried the salami a couple of times, I cannot bring myself to eat battered fish or chicken for breakfast…nor can I bring myself to eat cabbage or carrot salad for breakfast. I guess that would add at least a little color to my diet but…for now, chocolate will have to be the only color I have…Actually I bought some orange juice at the store tonight cuz I really feel like I have scurvy! I mean it my teeth are hurting and I’m overtired– I’m not a juice drinker but I have to do something or I will not have the strength to carry Addison onto the plane.

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