So, my two boys are playing soccer again this season. They have now played for 3 seasons and they are starting to get better. Last fall, Matthew was very interested in playing the “Pirate” game that the coach designed for practice…he was a very good pirate but got into the habit of stealing the ball and just kicking it to out of bounds. He was always so happy for himself that you couldn’t say anything about it. On the last game of the season, the coach grabbed him a he stole the ball and yelled in his ear to look at the goal and kick it into the goal! Well, he “heard” it and got a goal. He was so happy with that ear-to-ear grin he can have.

One of my saddnesses about being away so long is that I am missing several of their games. I got an email from my friend who is “guest coaching” while I am gone and he said both of the boys did great on Saturday. Matthew scored 2 goals and was totally intense! I am so happy for him and yet so sad that I missed him doing it. I can’t wait to get home and see how my little pirates are doing.

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