Got it!

Today we went to the passport office and after I signed 3 forms, my facilitator got Addison’s passport. So, we have the paperwork done on this side of Moscow (with the exception of the translations of all of the documents- which my facilitator is going to do this week).

It is the weekend here in Rostov, and it is a beautiful sunny day. I spent some time walking around and went to the mall near here to see about buying an umbrella stroller. I think I am going to need something like that in Atlanta on the way home. Well, the only things they had were Peg Perego’s for between $200 and $500 (roughly). NOT

I also found the McDonalds in town. I will probably go there for lunch tomorrow. It is about a mile away on the main drag of town but I will need something to do since I don’t get to go to the orphanage on the weekends.

For those of you who are following, I am half-way thru the 3rd Season of 24…I can’t believe how much trouble Jack Bauer’s daughter can get into. When she was captured in hour 3 I was like…okay now, the girl has no luck! But, it doesn’t look like I am going to have any trouble going through all of the episodes I have with me (through Season 4). Then it will have to be books on tape or if I am really pressed…work!

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