Can you believe it?

Can you believe it?

I am done. Court was at 2:00 pm Russia time and we got out at 3:45pm. It was a grueling affair of everyone hammering me about why I wanted to adopt a “fourthchild when I already had 3 at home and I was a single woman and not only that but a single working woman. After my first 15 minutes of explaining, I was told that I still didn’t explain it and to please convince them that I was capable of loving and caring for 4 children. Also, if I would ever, in case of medical illness, give away one of my children…

I guess that’s it…this is all so fun for me so I am going to do it as if … I am shopping for the best kids and I am going to throw away the broken ones! NOT!!

One of the interesting parts of court…the part I missed on my previous adoptions was the issue of whether or not any Russians had seen the child and passed up on adopting them. Also, why did no Russian adopt her? Want to know the answer…

(Social Worker from the Rostov Region) “I’m not sure, her medical diagnoses are not too bad and usually Russians will be afraid if there are too many medical diagnoses. In fact, she is a good girl, the only thing I can say is that she was considered ‘not a pretty girl’.

(At this, the judge starts looking at the pictures in the album that I brought which included a couple of Addison).”

“She says, I don’t understand, she is a very pretty girl.” and the Social worker says,…”well, yes…she is getting better but in the early pictures she was not very pretty!”
Not only that, but she brings the medical record up to the bench to show her the early pictures!
How could you say that and look at this picture?
All I can say is that I am glad that her early pictures were not so nice. Cuz I think she is cute as a button – and just wait till she grows some hair!

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  1. Congratulations on your adoption! Yay! I think she’s cute as a button, too. I don’t understand them not thinking she was cute but look at all a Russian family will have missed out on, and your family will gain! Take care. Debra


  2. you know what?? maybe cute is just not the right word– maybe its beautiful! anyway, it’s by grace that the other pictures were like that..whatever it takes. she’s YOURS! so so cute! love that grin!


  3. She is adorable. Even cuter than a button! Congratulations, Sue. I can’t wait to meet her.


  4. Congrats!! She is cute as a button. Thankfully my 5 year old was also considered too sick and ugly for anyone in Kazakhstan to adopt her!! : )


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