Leaving home was harder than I thought it would be. Riley came out and hugged me. He had been really good all morning and I had sat down to cuddle with the kids before I left but he was distracted playing “Connect Four” and “trouble” with the babysitter. Then, all heck let loose when he hugged me, crying and sobbing. I hated to leave, but I know he will be better.

I arrived in Rostov about 6:30 pm on Sunday…the flights were as expected. JFK to Moscow was long but at least I wasn’t in the middle and had an aisle seat from which I could get up and down pretty easily. The movie selection was “All Nicole Kidman, all the time!” First this movie called the Invasion which must have gone directly to DVD cuz it was so bad and then The Golden Compass which wasn’t much better. I tried to sleep but no luck.

Arriving in Moscow, I was a little anxious as my bags were about the last ones off onto the carosel. I hadn’t had this happen before, but both the JFK and ATL flights arrived at virtually the same time so there was a huge line for passport control and for baggage. Since I was so late, I got to go out through customs pretty easily. Then to another part of the airport to wait.

My agency had called on Friday to ask if I wanted to be picked up to go to lunch in the city and then driven back to the airport or if I wanted to wait for them in the airport and they would pick me up and drive me to the domestic terminal. I had elected to try and just relax. After a few minutes, they arrived (ahead of schedule) and it turned out their was another couple who were flying in on Sunday who they thought were coming in on Monday…oops! So, they picked both of us up and we went downtown to drop them off at their apartment.

I definitely packed too much because I had to pay excess baggage at RIC and also for the Rostov flight.

Yesterday we went to get my urine test for the “8 physician physical” required by Russia these days and then I got to meet with Addison for 2 1/2 hours. She was definitely shy and got sick of me by the end, but did pretty well.
The cool thing…she’s learned to say cheese….

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  1. Good lord, she’s precious! Glad you made it okay and are settling in… I miss you already!


  2. holy SMOKES that is the cutest grin!! im glad you got there ok too, and keep us posted (hint: pictures rock!!


  3. Sue, she is a doll! I hope you are enjoying your stay. I know your kids here miss you but they are resilient! I can’t wait to read more updates! Debra


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