I’m am completely crazy making lists and trying to get ready for the trip…
still need to…
1. Pick up money for the trip
2. Review the schedule with the 4 babysitters who are going to take care of my kids for the 18 days I will be gone.
3. Double check that I have my tax returns, I 171H and other things ready.
4. Complete sign out for my colleague who will be covering my patients while I am in Russia
5. Go to the JCICS meeting in DC tomorrow (ugh)…I had been planning on going to this for over a month. Really don’t want to take the day off to do that, but it looks like there will be some really great information and I have already paid for it.
a. drop off a house key for my babysitter tomorrow
b. call her to make sure she remembers
c. call the neighbor girl who is going to come over tomorrow at 5:45 and wait for the bus with the boys
d. get gas (ugh!) in the car for the trip
6. Pick up Addison’s ticket at the airport.
7. Pack!!!! – oh that is a list in-and-of itself
8. Put dinner for tomorrow into crockpot before I leave
9. Call kids dentist to reschedule cleanings for when I get back
10. grocery shop for the house
11. get a present for the birthday party Matthew is going to while I am gone
12. Pick up Matthew’s prescription at the pharmacy
13. Get prescriptions for Addison from my colleague and then get them filled
14. check on the weather in Rostov for end of April or do I really need to bring a snowsuit at this time of year??!!
15. Send in requests for service commitments for next year.

Can you think of other things?

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