One of those days…

Today started off great. We all (including Riley) slept until 8:30. Then I finally got up around 9:00 and go the kids into the bathtub while I took a shower. We all got dressed and went downstairs to get breakfast…

Ants had found the new doughnuts I had bought yesterday on the counter and we had a veritable ant farm in the box – UGH!!! So we did a quick clean up of the kitchen and family room (they had to do something while I was cleaning the kitchen and the toys needed to be put away!).

Luckily I had bought 3 dozen of the doughnuts hoping for a weeks supply but I guess I’ll have to get some more later in the week. I made coffee and read my email and we got ready to go.

Next we went to the new public library near us. I had been promising the kids to go and with
Riley starting to read (very) basic words, I was looking for some books to help him. It is a beautiful building. There is a coffee shop and a movie theater in it. Also, the largest kids room you have ever seen. We all got library cards and each of the kids got 2 books.

After that, we went to this store called Five Below – everything is $5 and below. I had seen a couple of ads for Crocs (Gators they call them) for $5. I got a pair for Riley and Matthew. They also had these clip on wheels that go on your shoes (like heely’s) for $5 too and I bought a pair for all of the kids (and me).

Then we went to get the boys haircuts and I decided to get Logan’s cut too. She really hasn’t had a haircut since I cut it last summer after the Riley and scissors debacle! She has a cute little bob that is absolutely adorable.

Then it was home to rush and get changed to go to a party at Maggiano’s (an Italian restaurant at the mall). The party was to celebrate the Jewish conversion of a little boy adopted from Kazakhstan last November. It was great and they had this guy who was going around making balloon “animals” for the kids…I use the word animals lightly cuz he made this cool Picachu mask for Matthew, a Cinderella balloon for Logan and a lightsaber for Riley.

So far so good. But, you knew someone was going to hit the wall. Next, since we were at the mall, I decided to go see the easter bunny. Actually, that part went well though there were some tense moments for Mommy while we were waiting.

So, what could we do next? We went home! I slept on the couch for about 1/2 hour and Riley fell asleep for about an hour and then I made dinner. Logan and Matthew had stayed up and played while we were napping and she had a complete meltdown at the table. Spilling her milk, then throwing food and finally I took her upstairs to bed. Well, after an hour of screaming and kicking and scratching, she finally fell asleep only to wake an hour later and do it all again. Boy am I beat!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Those days are the days that try ya, aren’t they?! ;>) Hope tomorrow’s better.


  2. I’m tired after reading about your day! 🙂


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