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I have very little to talk about on the adoption front. I did get my FBI clearance in to the agency last week. I am on pins-and-needles waiting to hear about a my court date. Also trying to decide what to do about the time away…

On the one hand, I have always been thinking that I would come home during the 10 day waiting period and do a total of 3 trips. During my first trip, the facilitator said that he would prefer to me to stay because he is confident we will be able to get the opportunity to do the paperwork during the 10 days and that way we can leave on the 11th day to go to Moscow. He told me (which I didn’t realize) that I had to be there to sign the paperwork for her new birth certificate and then to take her birth certificate to the passport office and so…if we have the opportunity to do that, I will have only about 6 days to go home and come back before the 11th day.

So? is it worth it? I am struggling with whether it would be better for my kids for me to leave and come back for that brief time or should I stay the whole time? Will they be better not having to go through the going and coming home for such a short time? Will they be better served having me back for even that short time? And what about my newest little girl? what will be better for her? She certainly will be faced with a huge change once we arrive home. Would it be better for her to have me for (even) a few hours a day for a concentrated time period before she is “thrown into the fray” of the family and family dynamics.

Everyday I change my mind back and forth at least 5 times. UGH! anyone have any words of wisdom?

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