I’m home (whew!)…it was a long trip and an uncomfortable one, but the homecoming was worth it.

I left my hotel in Moscow at 9:30 am (their time – so around 1:30 am EST) and got to Richmond at 8:30 pm EST. So, after being in airports or airplanes for almost 20 hours, I was beat. My friends W and P were supposed to bring my kids to the airport to meet me and I was surprised to get to the waiting area and not see them. So, I headed down to baggage control. While waiting for my bag, I called W’s cell phone to see where they were, and she had just gotten into the parking garage and they were looking for Matthew’s eyeglasses – which he had taken off in the car for some reason. As I was talking to her I heard Riley in the background yell “Here they are!”.

So, I’m standing at the carousel and I turn around to the door to the outside just in time to see the group of them walking across the street. Just then, Riley sees me thru the glass and takes off at a full on RUN. The sliding glass doors almost didn’t open in time and he comes barreling into me and jumps at me from like 5 feet away…knocking me off of my feet onto my rear. Logan and Matthew are about 2 steps behind having started to run after Riley did and they jump on top of me and hug me. Matthew has these tears streaming down his face – as if the relief of seeing me back was too much for him to bear. I start to cry and all of the people in the airport are laughing at me (on the ground) with 3 kids on top of me.

It was the best homecoming I could have gotten…now, how am I going to go back to Russia and leave them again!? UGH.

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  1. I have no idea how I stumbled into this blog but I’m so glad I did! Congrats for #4, I was working with you and waiting to travel when you got home from adopting Mathew and Riley. I know you are counting your blessings every day.


  2. Thanks anonymous. I think people can’t really understand how much I truly do feel I am blessed with this whole life.


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