Made it…

Well, after what was one of the longest days, I made it to Moscow. Got into work on Saturday at 9:00 am. Wendy was at our house to pick me up at 7:25. I thought I would be waiting for her, but my packing was interrupted by Riley and Logan trying to “help”. I had bought some toys to bring to the baby for me to play with her with. Unfortunately, they needed to be opened and examined. Meanwhile I was packing (and trying to pack light). Don’t know if I am going to have to be present at the Minister of Education’s office for the referral or not and so…needed to pack something nice. Then, packed two pairs of jeans and 4 shirts -so far so good. Then put my winter coat into a space bag with my scarf and mittens and squeezed out as much air as possible. Then had to put my boots in because I will be ridiculed in Russia if I wear my good shoes all of the time – maybe even thought of as crazy – cant have that!! All of this with some electronic gear (camera, camcorder, charger and the little suitcase is full to the rim. Remembered a brush at the last minute and had to put that it…oh yeah and the cheerios and M&M’s that I am bringing to bribe the baby into liking me! – don’t let anyone from the orphanage hear that!

So, we are speeding down the road to the daycare when we get to the 65/95 split and I realize that I have forgotten all of those crisp bills I picked up at the bank the day before. Probably the one thing I can’t go without! So, we turn around and drive home…Luckily while there, I remembered my First Season of “24” CD’s which I had also forgotten. (Let me tell you that my time zone difference waking at 3 am today here would have killed me if I didn’t have that!)

Anyway, made it to the office and dropped off the suitcases and went to round with Dave. Saw one new patient and then he drove me to the airport. I had 2 hours to wait till the plane to Atlanta took off. When I booked the flight, I thought it was wierd that Orbitz let me choose my seat – they usually don’t on the international flights – so I didn’t think anything of it. Well, silly me, should have looked at it, because (of course) when we got on the plane in Atlanta, I am in the last row smack in the middle of the 3 seats in the middle of the plane. Between two guys (one Russian, one American) and there is no where to move!

Thank god there was about a 95 mile per hour tailwind the whole flight so it only took the 10 hours. Unfortunately, I was awake the whole time. The two movies were the Bee movie (seen it – hated it) and Ratatouie (seen it – liked it but didn’t want to see it again). I was never so happy to see us land in Moscow – even though it was snowing! The landing was smooth and you could tell that there was no ice /snow on the runway even though it was snowing out!

Finally arrived here at 11:15 am Moscow time. At least the people from the Cradle were here to meet me and had a cell phone for me to use and brought me to the hotel. So, here I have stayed. Watched 4 episodes of “24”, listened to half of “Bel Canto” and melted a water bottle! that is a story for another day.

Breakfast was good with good coffee so I am refreshed. I leave for Rostov this afternoon. Close with a picture outside my window. There are 3 hotels right out of the airport. The one across the street has this outside of it…their version of a billboard I guess!

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  1. Glad you made it safe and sound!! Sounds like an awful flight to Russia, hopefully the one home won’t be that way! Can’t wait to hear about your meeting with little miss!


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