Really good cause…

For the last month, I have been voting daily for a friend of mine on the America’s Favorite Mom website.

This is a contest where moms are nominated and for the month of February, March and April the mom with the most votes wins a cash prize. In May, 15 women will be named semi-finalists and will be seen on the NBC Today show to highlight their causes. My friend Keith nominated his wife, Donna because of the work that she does in caring for their two very special needs children. Donna is a neat woman who is a lawyer by training but has devoted herself to make life better for her son who has Autism and her daughter who has developmental delay. She has pledged to donate any money to the wonderful school program that her children attend.

You can read about her here…

I think it is really neat that Keith felt this strongly about his wife and what a great lady she is despite all odds. Please consider signing up and voting for her. You can vote once a day so…vote!

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