The flip side of the coin…

I’m doing the happy dance this morning and can’t concentrate on anything…ever have something someone said affect you so profoundly that you can’t think? Well, that is where I am today.

In my previous post, I talked about some issues with my middle son R. and wondered if it was adoption and or attachment related – And he is the one who I have always felt was securely attached!

Now my older son M. is another story. Our first two years together were filled with ups and downs and we had times where we didn’t like each other very much. Well, both of us have grown and changed and our love has really blossomed. I have noticed the last year that he seems so secure in me and that I will be (and am) there for him in all things. The comparison to his brother – who is much less secure about that all of a sudden – is huge. (Well, even I can notice it).

Last night I had to give a lecture which I was doing free of charge and when I negotiated it with the sponsors, they said that they would have someone to babysit (so I didn’t get a double whammy of having to pay for a sitter and giving up one of my nights at home!). Well, on Wednesday they emailed me to make sure everything was on for the next night. I wrote back to say that I was ready and to confirm that my kids would be okay to be there and…you guessed it, they wrote back and said they didn’t have anyone to stay with the kids during it.

My project coordinator/right hand/sanity maker at work has offered to watch them in a pinch before so I asked if she wouldn’t mind coming over on short notice and she did. The kids were real excited about it – of course their only experience with her was when she and her husband brought us our big screen TV – and I think they thought they might get another one! Everything went well with the lecture and the babysitting.

So today, at work, she tells me how she got a real kick out of M. last night because around 9 when he knew I was coming home, he started getting up from his chair and saying…”I really love my mommy, I can’t wait till she comes home and I can hug her” and then going back to what he was doing for a few minutes and then getting up again and repeating it. She said he must have done it about 6 times.

So, WOW!

I have tears in my eyes and I know that love does triumph.

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  1. That must have been nice to hear. 🙂


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