No boys allowed!

My L. turned three yesterday and she is becoming such a smart girl (not biased or anything!). M. & R. have been ganging up on her the last few days trying to torture her by going into a room and not letting her in and saying “no girls allowed”. Now those of you who know her, know that she doesn’t take “no” very well. And she certainly isn’t going to be boxed out of any fun time! So, this has been quite distressing for her. Usually she runs to me and cries and whines and I have to talk to the boys about playing nice.

Well, this morning, as I was getting dressed and ready for work, she ran into the bathroom and shut and locked the door and said…”no boys allowed, right mommy!” She had the biggest smile on her face like she had figured out the answer to the worlds biggest question. I’m glad I let her figure it out for herself. Unfortunately, it is not going to be a great thing for me to be her partner in crime against the boys…Hope that our anticipated “baby sister” as the kids affectionately call her will give her someone to conspire against the boys with!

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  1. Now you know what I face everyday times 5! 🙂


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