Cleaning, repairing, and stuff…

I finally got things together last week and arranged to have my Saturn have an oil change and a state inspection – only 1 1/2 months late. Meanwhile the Tahoe is stuck in the driveway …dead, kaput…no juice. So, I get it towed to the shop on Tuesday. Turns out the battery is dead …and oh by the way, “when we put it up on the lift, 3 of the tires have metal showing in the tread”. So, I arranged to pick it up yesterday and then I went directly to Costco and got 4 new tires. When I picked it up, there was the WORST smell in it. Now, we have not driven it for about 3 months cuz I usually use the Saturn when the price of gas goes up too high and then the battery died and…

Anyway, 2 1/2 hours later I pick it up at Costco and can look in the back and what do I find…?…3 rotten (and I mean melting into the carpet…) PUMPKINS!!!

So, now we know when I last used it (right before Halloween)…I scooped it all up and threw out a bunch of towels and sweaters that were in the back with them and today after basketball practice we went to the Car Pool. For $100 my car is now clean and better smelling. Looks like I will be spraying febreeze on it …maybe dumping a half a bottle of it.

So, lesson learned…don’t leave pumpkins unattended for 3 months in the back of a car in the driveway. UGH!

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