Weekend behavior…or can you say we don’t like Mom working on the weekend?

I am on service in the hospital this week and next so had to work yesterday. I had arranged for the kids to go back to the hospital Daycare for the day. The hospital has this new “perk” called Back-up Care and for 20 days a year, you can have your kids either babysat at home or got to a center for care if you are working – or they are sick – or the school is closed. It is a great deal cuz for $25 I got to have all 3 at the center for the day. Even with a teenager babysitting I would have had to pay more!

Only problem is that I reap the negative behavior after a day like that. they pretty much act out after a day away (when they expect me to be with them). I’ve been struggling all day.

Today was busy. First we went to get doughnuts – which I had promised them yesterday. We got back and they ate and ate…still 2 hours later, Matthew wanted a snack! All that sugar goes thru you fast. Riley woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was alternating being in time out and being sent outside to do laps. Nothing worked to make his mood better.

Then we had Church. The mother who was supposed to stay with the teacher this week didn’t show so I stayed with my co-teacher. So, I didn’t get to go to church and relax. Then we came home and ate lunch.

After lunch, Logan took a little nap and Riley and Matthew went outside …they lasted about 20 minutes. Then they annoyed me and alternated playing with my laptop journaling program – they like to color with the different pen/ink sizes and colors using the tablet feature.

At 2:15 we all got up to get ready for Soccer. Logan was off with a neighbor girl and her dad who is taking some early childhood education classes for his master’s degree and he needed to tape language in a toddler.

Today was the last soccer game. The boys both did well but the other team was good (and aggressive) -lots of elbows were thrown and Riley was getting annoyed. But he held it together and really behaved well. Afterwards the kids got “trophies” and they were even engraved with their names. I was proud of them.

Can’t wait till they start basketball in the new year!!!!

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