Weekend Fun

Well, it has been a good and bad weekend. I am on service starting tomorrow for the next two weeks so we will have full weekends with me working the larger part of the Saturdays. Yesterday Riley went to a classmates birthday at the bowling alley. While he was there, Matthew and Logan and I went to see The BEE Movie. We got home around dinner time and had a staple …Macaroni and Cheese.

Today we had church and then went to the boys soccer game. It was a good game! Both of the boys scored at least 2 goals!

Matthew (finally) seemed to get it. Last week he was funny because he had really liked playing the “pirate” game in practice – one child gets to be the pirate and kick the ball out from under the other kids. He spent the entire game last week kicking the ball out (of bounds) from others feet.

Today he started off playing pirate but the coach pulled him aside and said something like…look up and kick it toward the goal and …he got it. He headed downfield and got a goal ahead of everyone. And even repeated the feat about 5 minutes later. He was so proud of himself and was so excited he nearly knocked the coach off his feet!

We have two more weeks of soccer and then nothing until January when the two boys will play basketball. That ought to be interesting.

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