Weekend Catch-up

After 4 days of rain, the sun is finally out. It is a good thing because the kids were starting to get a little stir crazy – and Mommy too.

This weekend my goal is to do the laundry (and fold and put it away) and get the summer clothes into boxes and the winter clothes sorted and only those that will fit put away into the drawers. I have a good start. This morning while the outside was still too wet for kids to play on, they were playing / cleaning in the garage and I got to do some folding and sorting of clothes. It feels good to have some things done.

I am finally making my decisions to do the next adoption and am trying to get things more organized. This afternoon I am picking up a bunk bed set that I am buying off of Craig’s List. We finally got one in Richmond about a year ago (at least as I discovered it). I’ve sold a few of the kids toys that they have outgrown and bought a couple of things too. Can’t wait to get it together!

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